Ocean Photographer of the Year

17 November 2023 - 26 May 2024

Main image: Peter Marshall

This exhibition is now closed

A celebration of the blue planet, shining a light on the beauty of the ocean and the threats it faces.

The Ocean Photographer of the Year exhibition features over 100 photographs of beautiful and thought-provoking imagery from some of the world’s best ocean photographers.

Photographs reveal the full spectrum of ocean life through a wealth of drone, land and underwater images and include stunning imagery of wildlife encounters, seascapes, and beautiful interpretations of the human-ocean connection.

Ocean Photographer of the Year showcases all the winners and finalists from Oceanographic Magazine’s renowned competition, the Ocean Photographer of the Year awards, attracting entrants from across the world – from amateurs and professionals alike.

The planet’s best ocean photographers tell impactful stories of the awe-inspiring world that exists in the world’s oceans and highlight the many issues they are facing.

Image Gallery

The exhibition features over 100 thought-provoking photographs across 10 categories, including ocean conservation, ocean adventure, ocean wildlife, and young ocean photographer and human connection awards.

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Image credits:

1. James Ferrara

2. Sylvie Ayer

3. Dmitri Kokh

4. Max Holba

5. Jack Pokoj

6. Renee Capozzola

Main image: Peter Marshall