Wildlife Photographer of the Year

NOW OPEN, 15 June - 10 November 2024

Main image: ©️ Mike Korostelev 

Experience breathtaking wildlife photography that captures the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world.

Direct from London's Natural History Museum, these remarkable images from Wildlife Photographer of the Year reveal unique moments from Earth's rich biodiversity, prompting reflection on our role in nature, and the challenges our planet faces.

In its 59th edition, Wildlife Photographer of the Year drew over 49,000 entries from photographers around the world, in all experience levels and ages. The exhibition showcases images across sixteen categories including Animals in their Environment, Underwater and Photojournalism judged by an international panel of industry experts.

Visit the museum today and immerse yourself in the breathtaking diversity of the natural world.




Each year we welcome the finest wildlife images from the world’s finest wildlife photographers. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a perennial favourite with audiences here. These are powerful, beautiful and perfectly timed images that surprise, inspire and amaze. There is no better space to lose and immerse yourself in this planet’s natural world.

Australian National Maritime Museum CEO and Director Daryl Karp AM


Image credits:

  1. Zeyu Zhai
  2. Mark Williams
  3. Max Waugh 
  4. Olivier Gonnet

  5. Mike Korostelev  
  6. Alex Mustard

 Main image: Mike Korostelev  





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