Watch, play, make and explore

These activities are linked to the curriculum and are specifically designed to engage primary school learners in fun activities that can be done away from the classroom.

Based on real convict voyages, the Voyage Game allows players to make decisions, solve problems and deal with conflicts as a Surgeon Superintendent aboard a convict vessel in 1830. If you want to watch instead of play, the HMB Endeavour's Voyage of Exploration provides information about Lieutenant James Cook and his scientific voyage of exploration. Learn about Cook's journey, his crew and the lasting impact it had on Australia's Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Or you can dive beneath the waves to discover marine creatures and technology used to explore the ocean depths with The Deep learning resources.

If you want a break from your screen, then look no further than the Kids Activity Sheets, where you can colour-in and learn about ocean creatures at the same time.