Vivid Sydney

24 May – 15 June 2024


Vivid Sydney 2024 - BARANI

 In celebration of Vivid 2024 the Maritime Museum presents Barani, a story that stretches back thousands of years, exploring themes of humanity, compassion and connection. 

This immersive experience of animation, sound, and storytelling is projected onto the museum rooftop as part of Vivid Sydney, Humanity. 

Developed by Studio Gilay, Barani is a bittersweet narrative set in Warrane (Sydney Cove) 500 years ago, juxtaposing humanity's current existence in the Anthropocene with a time of harmony between humans and nature. The story, rich in historical and cultural value, prompts audiences to reconsider the history of the land under their feet. 

Barani intricately explores the dynamics of a mother-son relationship on the cusp of coming-of-age, emphasising themes of love, connection and independence. The symbiosis between humanity and the natural world is a crucial element, underscoring the importance of mutual care for the environment and each other. As the story unfolds, Barani encourages the audience to connect with ways of the past and review our current coexistence with nature. Barani is inspired by longtermism and looks to First Nations knowledge to more deeply connect with the world around us.


‘Based on the Vivid Sydney 2024 theme – Humanity, we have developed this story with the talents of Studio Gilay. We wanted to tell a story of about the harbour that surrounds us and the people who protected it for generations. It teaches us to stop and listen, to look and to learn, to connect and protect what surrounds us.’


Museum Director and CEO Ms Daryl Karp AM