Octopus Garden

Get tentacle-tied with this fascinating interactive experience

Experience the mesmerising world of one of the ocean’s most enigmatic and intelligent creatures - the octopus! Come along to the Octopus Garden and play, hunt and hide with these amazing ocean dwellers.

From their impressive camouflage skills to their incredible shapeshifting abilities, discover and interact with the many ways in which they thrive and survive.

This immersive space, developed with Junior Major and featuring artwork by InkHunter, gives visitors of all ages and abilities the chance to experience the extraordinary behaviours of these cephalopods. 

This is a large screen interactive show not to be missed.

About the contributors:

Junior Major is a creative agency based in Sydney. Founded in 2022, Junior Major is a highly skilled and experienced studio that values art, creative expression and exploring new ideas through technology. The team has made public art, designed and made digital exhibits and produced interactive experiences and film works.

Patrick Hunter, aka InkHunter is an environmental street artist from Sydney. Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches surrounded by nature, Patrick has always been immensely passionate about ocean conservation. He served as a Surf Lifesaver for 7 years, began surfing from an early age, is an avid sustainable fisherman, freediver and scuba diver.

As a firm believer that art can be used as a visual medium to create positive change, Patrick is interested in using public artwork to engage and inspire the community to make sustainable choices. In 2020, Patrick founded Plastic Free Beaches in response to an increase in single-use plastics such as face masks and coffee cups. Through this, Patrick has worked with schools and not-for-profit organisations to create educational artworks that encourage sustainable behaviour change.



Commissioned by the Australian National Maritime Museum and developed in collaboration with Junior Major.





Photos by Tim Pascoe Photography