Blueback: Sharing the Secrets

27 October 2023 - 16 June 2024
This exhibition is now closed


Blueback: Sharing the Secrets is an interactive, eye-opening and engaging experience that gives family audiences a behind-the-scenes look at how a powerful book became a beautiful film about how we live with our natural world, through the magic of puppetry.

Based on Tim Winton’s novella, Robert Connolly’s film Blueback tells the story of Abby, a young girl who grows up in the ocean and makes friends with an ancient groper she names Blueback. As she grows, she takes action to protect her home waters and eventually becomes a noted marine biologist. It is a story of the beauty and fragility of the Australian underwater environment, of love and connection to the ocean and its creatures, and the power of one person to make a difference.

Blueback- Sharing the Secrets combines key objects and props from the film, including the Blueback life-sized puppet, with behind-the-scenes footage to reveal how it was brought to life, and interactive experiences that allow visitors to try for themselves

Discover how the Blueback model was designed, made and operated and watch behind-the-scenes ‘making-of’ footage to see how they made the film. You can use a greenscreen interactive to ‘put yourself in the movie’ as well as discover cool facts about blue gropers



Top image: Still from Blueback. Credit: Areanmedia

Below: Behind the Scenes of creating the Blueback puppet. Credit: Creature Technology


Interview with Sonny Tilders









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